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Unleashing the Power of Human Potential.


Through our blended coaching and psychotherapy sessions, training, and workshops, the team at Human Brilliance is dedicated to helping individuals, organisations, and their teams to unleash true potential and create lasting change.

Our mission is to transform lives by unlocking potential.

We strive to balance the art and science of psycholgically informed practice through our training, therapy, and coaching services.  

Being a human can be challenging, we all encounter obstacles along our journey. There are times when we feel stuck, lost, lack confidence, face relationship struggles and find it hard to make decisions, or simply to know deep down that we are capable of achieving so much more.

At Human Brilliance, we firmly believe that humans are capable of achieving remarkable things. We recognise the innate brilliance within each individual, which encompasses unique strengths, talents, and capabilities. Our philosophy revolves around exploring, enlightening, and empowering you and your team to overcome challenges and unlock your fullest potential in all aspects of life.

Glass Ceilings are for shattering

Challenge is to be relished

Success is not an accident. Success is a choice

The answer and the power lies within you

The impact you can make knows no bounds

Drive and Ambition is to be celebrated

Why Choose Us?

Our integrated approach to coaching and psychotherapy sets us apart. We blend the wisdom of psychotherapy with the forward-focused strategies of coaching to provide a comprehensive and tailored experience. Whether youre an individual seeking personal growth, an organisation aiming to improve team dynamics, or a team striving for success, we have the expertise and tools to guide you on your transformative journey.

Our Commitment

We are committed to understanding your specific needs and goals. Our collaborative and client-centred approach ensures that each session is tailored to your unique circumstances. We create a safe and supportive environment where you can freely explore your thoughts, emotions, and aspirations.

Experience Positive Change

Human Brilliance is here to support you in navigating life's challenges. Together, we'll work towards creating lasting positive change that extends far beyond our sessions. Unlock the brilliance within you - contact us today to begin your transformative journey and Unleash the Power of Human Potential.

Gemma is a skilled therapist and coach, since working with Gemma I have achieved what I previously thought impossible. She is a truly gifted practitioner.

HM, Individual coaching client

I have learnt more about myself in the last 2 days than I have in the last 40 years!, I am excited to implement my learning within the leadership team.

GM, Hull schools Academy Trust – training delegate

The session with Gemma really helped me understand my communication style and the changes I can make to help me interact better with others at home and at work.

AO – Arting – Workshop delegate

I attended a group workshop as part of a leadership network. ‘The Drive of your Life’ was enlightening, everyone was included and encouraged to find their space and place in the group. We had fun, whilst learning and being challenged, it was a truly insightful experience.

LW – Hull University – workshop delegate

Gemma facilitated a thought-provoking and fun session for a group of experienced leaders. Her approachable and reassuring style was perfect for the interactive session designed to connect participants and deepen our understanding of self and others. We were gently challenge and we were all encouraged to have a voice. A thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating day!

PB – HEY Confident Futures – Training delegate

Until I had 1-2-1 sessions with Human Brilliance. I didn’t understand the link between my mind-set and my success. I first started having sessions when I had some challenges at work, as a senior leader, I was struggling with my confidence and was experiencing anxiety in relation to my role. The sessions have been life changing! I feel empowered, enabled and ready to lead my team with grace, humility and confidence!

LR – Senior Leader E.R Council – Coaching client.